First a musician and a visual artist, Bertram Dhellemmes started his
involvement in performing arts in 1993 with LISIM - Laboratoire
d'Improvisation du Son et de l'Image en Mouvement
first combining
improvised music and improvised video in the performance Ubik,
then including dancers with embedded cameras and multiprojections.

In 1996 he started to study dance with body weather practioners, a. o.
Christine Quoireaud, Frank van de Ven, Katerina Bakatsaki, then went to
Japan to study with Min Tanaka, also taking classes with butoh masters
Akira Kasai and Kazuo Ohno.

He collaborated since with several artists as director, performer, musician
or scenograph, and started in 2002 his company Real Dance Super Sentai.

Recently he conceived and performed the Dancing on Ashes performance series
with Ines Birkhan in the frame of the Angel Meat project, and is currently busy
developing its spin-off cabaret shows Dancing on Ashes Hardcore Kunst Cabaret.

Rhinoceros, 1999, with Tamayo Okano