dance | music


Marco Barotti
| music
Rebecca Fratini
| dance

Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes | costume | direction

Dock 11, Berlin | January 2008

"Mitwintertanz intends to be a dance and music based celebration, offered
to anyone who feels a need to celebrate but doesn't know what, why and how.
Liveliness and physicality are the easiest things to share."


dance | music | light installation


Bertram Dhellemmes
Helga Wretman

Dock 11, Berlin | August 2007

Untitled is an instant composition performance where dance & music
are built by mutually founding each other, in a deeply physical and
reciprocal manipulation of sound, light, movement and space.

Minne in motion

dance | music


Ines Birkhan
Bertram Dhellemmes

Festival Walter von der Vogelveide, Zeiselmauer | September 2003

Piece based on three sang poems by the minnesänger Walter von
der Vogelveide, presented outdoor in the context of a medieval fair.

N log h 6./jazz

dance | music | video | game


Constanza Brncic
Quartet Base:

Sébastien Beaumont
Nicolas Mahieux
Christophe Motury
Peter Orins

les Arcades, Faches-Thumesnil | November 1999

From a proposal of the jazz band Quartet Base, this performance
is based on the matching of techniques of improvisation and instant
composition specific to music and dance, by the use of playful situations.

Le Baron : épisode indéterminé

dance | music | installation


Bertram Dhellemmes
Rolf Meesters
Frank van de Ven

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tourcoing | March 1998

Digression in a series of performances inspired by the adventures
of the Baron von Münchhausen and his propensity to deny the laws
of physics.

N log h 0

dance | television


Sarah Duthille

le Biplan, Lille | May 1997

This performance confronts the eroticism of a naked white body
dancing in very slow motion and an ordinary TV programme in
real time projected on a wide screen in the back on the stage
with loud sound, challenging the audience to watch what they
are interested in the most.


music | video | dance

1995 / 1997


Sarah Duthille
Magali Munch

Olivier Benoit
Bertram Dhellemmes
Thierry Dupas
Raphaël Gueugnaud
Frank Lambert
Laurent Madelain
Laurent Rigaut

This series of performances for improvised live video
explored transdisciplinarity and required first that the
cameraman works with the band as if a musician, then
used images from cameras taped on dancers.