Bertram Dhellemmes plays guitars, computers, voice, theremin, bass, ashbory
bass, crackle box, percussions and anything that produces sound or noise.

He played in several groups when in Lille, France, mainly exploring different
aesthetics of free improvisation, composed or improvised for dance performances
and sound installations, and released 3 CDs on Kinpatsu - his own label - and
Even Stilte. He was a resident artist in STEIM (Studio for electro-instrumental music)
in Amsterdam in 2003.

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photo Philo Lenglet 2002


FayeWongEuroFanClub (2000-...) | free glam

X trio (2000-2005) | noise

La Pieuvre (1999-2003) | improvisation big band

Quatuorde Electric (1998-2000) | guitar quartet

Chung Hing Sam Lam (1997-1999) | noise

L.I.S.I.M. (Laboratoire d'Improvisation du Son et de l'Image en Mouvement, 1993-1999 | improvised music + multimedia performances

Ben Day Dots (1986-1990) | post-pop

Several duos – a. o. with Nicolas Mahieux (ONJ…) | David Bausseron (CRIME…) | Laurent Madelain aka DJ LTDB… | and solos for dance performances | concerts | cine-concerts