Dancing on Ashes

dance | music | text


Ines Birkhan
Bertram Dhellemmes

Dancing on Ashes is a multimedia performance series mixing live music, dance
and projected narrative texts. An attempt to create a new approach to literature by
transposing it into the field of performance arts, it is the backbone of the Angel Meat
transmedia project conceived by Ines Birkhan and Bertram Dhellemmes.

Dancing on Ashes performances are based on fictional characters and situations
that you will find in several other mediums – novel, posters, videos, blogs… – gathered
in Angel Meat. Each performance is both a new chapter in a big narrative and an
experiment in the 'staged literature' medium.

So far, 5 performances have been created (since december 2009):

- Dancing on Ashes (Welcome to)

- Dancing on Ashes (North)

- Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam)

- Dancing on Ashes (Lovers)

- Dancing on Ashes (Fascinus)

Dancing on Ashes (Amsterdam), March 2010