An early member of audiovisual culture magazine Tausend Augen, Bertram Dhellemmes
published several articles about cinéma, arts and more generally cultural representation
and is part now of the publisher Editions Tausend Augen, and recently collaborated with
Architecture d'Aujourd'hui and Ecorev'.

- some articles (in french)

He's also involved into creative writing. Though never published yet (in 2004, French publishers
Sens & Tonka were about to publish de l'homme comme animal dégénéré par l'intelligence
before stepping back on the base that 'there is no more room for experimental litterature in France'.
You can nevertheless find his work on the following blogs :

- L'Hiver Absolu
- Lent Désordre

- De l'Homme comme Animal Dégénéré par l'Intelligence
- Après (Stalingrad)

Together with Ines Birkhan, he also wrote a series of texts for the Angel Meat project - for
performances, comedies numbers, videos and posters.

- Ash Cloud