Angel Meat

transmedia project by Ines Birkhan and Bertram Dhellemmes

Angel Meat is based on a feedback between artistic research and rock subculture, and a complex
dialogue between different medias and creative fields, such as literature, dance, music, video, visual
arts and new medias.

Art being for one century necessarily busy with defining itself in its successive modern / postmodern /
hypermodern manifestations, pop culture has been left dealing with big issues such as death, power,
sexuality, love or metaphysic – creating thus today's formless mythology. A multimedia work in progress,
Angel Meat opens up this mythical universe with the strategies of antiformal experimental performance
art, dysnarrative and hypertextual literature, and any relevant creative device.

Angel Meat tells stories of nowadays, though sometimes rooted in archaic and tragic forms of literature
or theatre, and stories as old as mankind, but that can now spread at light speed around the world with
the help of new medias and technologies. It tells stories to be read in books or on the Internet, on stage
or on flyers, stickers or graffiti in hip bars toilets, to be heard in theatres, pop songs or rumors, to be seen
on videos, films and fanzines…

Angel Meat’s several narrative threads having manifesting themselves so far through performances,
posters, video installations and website – in which narrative printed text is central. Its main medium is
currently Dancing on Ashes, a performance series of 'staged literature' – an innovative art form mixing
live dance and music with projected narrative texts, proposing thus a unique experience of reading in
a constrained and extremely emotional performance situation, as a collective and cathartic experience.

It is so far the narrative backbone on the Angel Meat transmedia project, as most of its characters
and situations have been unveiled during these performances, and the fictional background is Dancing
on Ashes
, an eponymous fictional art-cabaret show, whose main characters are also the performers of
the series...

You can follow the creative process on

Dancing on Ashes (Welcome to), December 2009