long before expanding to its current form, Angel Meat was
a performance project by Bertram Dhellemmes.

Angel Meat (part two)

dance | music


Kyung-sun Baek | Ines Birkhan
Bertram Dhellemmes

Dock 11, Berlin | February 2007 || -able, Berlin | December 2007

Angel Meat is based on a feedback between artistic research and
the established rock subculture that is the main background of
western people. Art being for one century busy defining itself in
its successive modern/postmodern/hypermodern manifestations,
pop culture has been left dealing with big issues such as death,
sexuality, love or metaphysic – often awkwardly, but now it's today's

A multimedia work in progress, Angel Meat opens up this mythical
universe with the strategies of informal experimental performance art.

Angel Meat (part one)

dance | potential music


Bertram Dhellemmes

Théâtre Mercellis, Brussels | 2002

This piece for dance and potential music takes place in the stage
set of a rock concert, but though all the instruments are plugged
and in order to produce sound, they can just faintly capture the
sounds of a violent and dark dance.

Angel Meat is also a film project, and will develop into a video series, urban installations, comic books, internet sites, etc...